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A living piece of the universe

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Noah Yong Simon

Innovative Small Business Executive specializes in leadership, product design, strategic brand positioning, and sales.


Full Stack Web Developer

Recently graduated Northwestern University (#10) 24 week web development bootcamp

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Living and working in Chicago, Illinois

Work History

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Groupon Business Development Representative - [2018 - 2018]

Groupon Sales Business Development team.

#inside sales #collaboration #cold calling #negotiations #team building

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Happy Lucky Winner Managing Member + Sales Director - [2017 - 2018]

At Happy Lucky Winner I achieved multiple productions of QR codes to the US market. We tested in the US but our eye was on the Asian market where QR codes are in mass production and widely used.

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Private Small Business Consulting - [2014 - 2017]

My private consulting business centered around strategic market analysis and product/ service design. With a wealth of experience working on startups I have developed a specialty identifying market opportunities. Every day I see new, fresh opportunities and have the experience needed to take advantage via direct marketing campaigns, product design, and team building. I help small businesses get focused, improve their situation, and develop what they need to enhance their ability to earn more revenue.

SPRATX (Spray Paint Collective and store)

Their core problem was focusing their vision of a spray paint collective into a sustainable business. I completed a business assessment and helped them focus their energy towards cornering the paint supply market and attracting Austin artists to their events. They are now a leading brand in Austin.

Wagging Tails Pet Care

Their core problem was making the transition from a startup to an established business. Their financials needed to be organized properly, their website was atrocious, and their price point was low. I was able to complete a business assessment for them, professionalize their finances using excel, build a new website (, and increased their price point from $14 per walk to $49 per walk by offering trail walks in addition to around the block walks.

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Moved from Austin, Texas back hOHMe to Chicago, Illinois

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</hyperlink> Digital Magazine - [2015]
Editor in Chief

We were the first digital magazine to launch in Austin. Our stories highlighted Austin's progressive culture and people. This was a way for us to build a positive reputation in the city and make meaningful connections. It was also good experience managing a mid sized team and proof reading everyone's writing.

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#UniteAustin LLC - [2014 - 2016]

We launched #UniteAustin to bring together the city's arts and culture leadership. The city of Austin was proud of their arts community and we worked with various cultural creatives, small businesses, and startups to promote their work and send out an inspiring message to Unite Austin.

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#PulseATX LLC - [2014 - 2015]

I brought together a team to launch an events company that focused on promoting the arts in unexpected, viral ways.

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#TheSquad #LightLife #Austin #UniteAustin #PulseATX

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#LightLife #TheResults #Party #RaineyStreet #Bungalow #PulseATX

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OurPangea INC - [2010 - 2017]

I have experience managing a Delaware C corporation and building shareholder value. My partners included Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati General Council, Lee & Hayes, PLLC Patent Attorneys, Echales, Benjamin & Simkin, LLP Accounting, as well as senior private contractors and Indian software engineering teams. From 2008-2016 I grew my company from a community networking app for a college to a platform to connect a small city or non profit donor community. I networked with non profit executives and led marketing campaigns to unite a small city - the City of Austin, Texas USA. During this time I organized and hosted events and led guerilla marketing teams. My teams promoted parties, published a digital magazine, organized and promoted artist markets, and networked with local community leaders. We designed and tested several prototype systems and had begun development of a mobile app when funding was cut off and the company was forced to shut down operations. I also filed a patent with the USPTO that was several years into the application process. We secured a US trademark for our logo.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Recruitment of top-caliber engineering talent
  • Lead manager for multiple teams of 2-7
  • Execution of holding company strategy for our marketing campaigns
  • Head of product design and management of a leap-frog technology
  • Logistics organization and mobilization of city-wide marketing campaigns
  • US Patent application
  • Hiring and Firing
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College Pro Painters - [2010 - 2011]

My responsibility was the development of an independent franchise under the College Pro Painters brand. During my term I was tasked with market development, sales funnel generation, team recruitment and training, project management, and customer success.

Key Accomplishments:

  • $30,000 contracted in sales
  • $45,000 of residential painting contracts produced
  • Recruited and trained 3 man painting team and 5 person marketing team
  • Bought and maintained painting equipment
  • Cold called 40-120 customers daily and marketed to the North-West Colorado Springs and Woodland Park areas


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Northwestern University #10 - [2018 - 2018] Web Development Bootcamp

I have maintained a 3.7 GPA average throughout the class. In class I helped start a study group and lead group projects. I also learned the fundamentals of web development technologies that supports my UI/UX background.

#HTML5 #CSS3 #SASS #JavaScript #jQuery #Bootstrap #Express.js #React.js #Node.js #Database Theory #MongoDB #MySQL #Command Line #Git #Python

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Colorado College #23 - [2007 - 2011]
B.A. Organizational Leadership

At Colorado College I learned the fundamentals of economics, business management and organization, business leadership, political leadership, statecraft and governance, social psychology, and generally had an awesome time. I had a chance to study under Dennis Showalter, the nation's preeminent German Military History Scholar. We talked about the nature of human experience and how it impacts our development, why nations go to war and classic military strategic thought. Outside of class I enjoyed climbing and the beauty of the mountain range.

My senior capstone was on Organizational Leadership and the Limits to Change.

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Evanston Township High School #57 - [2003 - 2007]

ETHS was a great place to attend school. It was racially diverse and offered a variety of specialized class such as mechanical drafting or hebrew. I was going to high school around the time Facebook started to get seriously big.

Web Development Portfolio

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#HTM5 #CSS3 #Bootstrap #Materialize #SASS #Javascript #jQuery #Node.js #NPM #handlebars #browserify #express.js #Firebase #MySQL #MongoDB #react.js #Autocad #Photoshop #github #heroku

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Portfolio Highlights

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Chicago Community Skill Share

Here is a react.js app I built with my team to connect the Chicago community better and speed up networking by providing an online service.

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Instant Karaoke

We teamed up in class to create a kick ass karaoke app. This project used materialize, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and several APIs.

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Ace Squadron

I built a fight engine and worked with a team to create Ace Squadron, a 10 v 10 team death match game. We used HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, Browserify, NPM, Sequelize, & Handlebars.

Technology Demonstrators

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Javascript Demonstrator - "X-Men Hangman"

This fun game was built using HTML5, CSS3, & Javascript
Play Now!
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Giphy API Demonstrator - "The Gif Master"

I made this one to make you hungry. It's an API call that returns food gifs. It was built using the Giphy API, Ajax, & jQuery
Search for your favorite foods!
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Firebase Demonstrator - "Firebase Train Scheduler"

The all important train schedule for morning commuters. This simple application uses HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, & Firebase
Check the train schedule!
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NODE.JS Demonstrator - "LIRI" - your command line assistant

LIRI, our take on SIRI, is a command line assistant designed to answer specific questions you might ask. In order to make this work we connected the OMDB database, Spotify, and Twitter. Next, we wrote some Node.JS to create listeners that would detect your commands and queries in the terminal. All together this app takes in four commands and returns results. #node.js #javascript #gitbash
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MySQL Demonstrator - "Bamazon" - your astroid mining shop

Bamazon is a simple command line store. Here you can buy shares in Astroid mining operations.s There is plenty to go around for everyone.
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First Full Stack Application - "Angel Finder"

Find your angels! Take this short quiz to find out which angel you're matched up with. I built this using Node.JS, Express.JS, HTML, Bootstrap, and deployed it on Heroku.
Take the quiz!
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Handlebars Demonstrator - "Burger Palace"

Welcome to Burger Palace! Eat burgers or regurgitate them. This is a full stack application that uses HTML, CSS, MySQL, Node.JS, Express.JS, Handlebars, and deployed it on Heroku.
Eat some burgers!
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Full Stack Demonstrator - "Ace Squadron"

Battle it out against your worst enemies! This is a full stack program that uses HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Sequelize, Node.JS, Borwserify, & Handlebars.
Start Flying!
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Full Stack MongoDB Demonstrator - "Uncrate Scraper"

I created a website scraper that stores the results in a MongoDB.
Uncrate Scraper!
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React.js - "Chicago Community Skill Share"

My team created the Chicago Community Skill Share. An app that is designed to create a more inclusive and open Chicago. Answer a few quick questions and the browse other people's answers to see if there's a match! We built this to solve the problem of networking - most matchmaking is still done in person and we wanted to leverage the power of the internet to speed up the process and make it more convenient.
Chicago Community Skill Share
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East Wave Chicago

My first client and now partner teamed up with me to bring the Chicago Asian community closer together. This site uses a lot of bootstrap with a Plugin to connect our social media accounts.
East Wave Chicago

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